Our Vision

Our vision is to empower students to thrive in a rapidly evolving, technology mediated world, where students must not only possess strong skills in areas of mathematics and other subjects, but they must also be adept at skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, persistence, collaboration, and curiosity.


  • I shifted from ICSE board in the 9th grade to doing IGCSE followed by IB. I took Mr. Yogi’s classes after I shifted until I finished IB. It was a superb learning experience for me and it gave me a completely different perspective to look at math. His approach was very practical and easy to understand. I started enjoying math and became more and more confident in myself. His passion for teaching was what stood out for me and that also reflected on the grades that I used to get. Grades improved tremendously. All in all, I would say I had a great learning and fun experience with him and it groomed me in a lot of ways for life.

    Yash Pethani, A entrepreneur, DyPatil International School batch of 2012

  • When yogi sir first started teaching me I had very low confidence in my abilities, but he was always encouraging me. And even though he only taught me for a year, I saw results soon as he made sure I was thorough with everything I learned and helped me secure a 7 in Mathematics SL Program. What also helped was he made sure that we had enough practice, until we felt sure about the particular topic. His love for students knows no bound.

    Sheeya, University of Warwick

  • Excellent Maths HL teacher for IBDP. He knows his subject very well. He teaches in a systematically planned format that helps students scale up their skills. He invests time and effort to understand his student‘s weak and strong areas to help them improve on weak areas and excel on what they are good at. His notes are excellent and are handpicked from the best available resources. His relentless and focused approach towards building a strong foundation that also included tactics and strategy, helped my daughter aced in IBDP with 7 in Maths HL. I highly recommend him as one of the best IBDP Maths HL teachers out there.

    Mr. Avinash, Parent of student @ Carnegie Mellon University(CMU - computer engineering)

  • I had always struggled with math throughout my education. When I first started the IB, my math grades were mediocre at best around a 4 or a 5. I started taking Mr. Yogi’s classes in 2013 and he helped me push that up to a 7 within one term of taking his class. He definitely makes it a more fun learning environment and there’s a lot of attention to each student’s individual needs, his unique way of teaching definitely helped me get to where I wanted to be with my grades and understanding of math.

    School: I started taking tutoring classes in 2013, and completed the IB diploma program at D Y Patil International School in 2014

    Mr. Anshul, Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management Specialist

  • Mr. Yogi is by far the best math teacher I have ever had. He not only explains concepts in a simple yet brilliant way, but ensures that each of his students has sufficient grasp on the material by teaching in a very practical manner. Mr. Yogi makes mathematics a lot of fun because his teaching style is extremely pragmatic. Learn IB Higher Level mathematics from him made me fall in love with the subject, and his teaching has helped me succeed in university-level math courses as well. Any student will be lucky to learn from him, and will surely learn to love the subject just as much as he does! From the first class itself, you can see the passion he has for math. He has spent most of his life studying and teaching it to hundreds of students, all of whom have done exceptionally well thanks to him!!.

    Mr. Suyash, UC Berkeley