MYP mathematics courses help specifically to prepare students for the study of group 5 courses in the IB Diploma Programme (DP). As students progress from the MYP to the DP or IBCC, the emphasis on understanding increases as students work towards developing a strong mathematical knowledge base that will allow them to study a wide range of topics. Through this process they also work on communicating their ideas in ways that allow others to understand their thinking. The MYP mathematics objectives and criteria have been developed with both the internal and external assessment requirements of the DP in mind. The use of technology, which is required in DP mathematics, is also emphasized in the MYP as a tool for learning, applying and communicating mathematics. Where students in the MYP may select either standard or extended mathematics, the diploma mathematics programme offers four courses: mathematical studies standard level (SL), mathematics SL, mathematics higher level (HL) and further mathematics HL. MYP students enrolled in extended mathematics generally elect to take one of the HL mathematics courses in the Diploma Programme. Students in MYP standard mathematics should seek the recommendation of their teacher when deciding which course to pursue in the DP.

We offer rigorous training for grade 9 and 10 Mathematics for Standard as well as Extended Math.

Students will be taught and rigorous testing will be done for this course.

Students are provided with top-quality softwares and online/offline resources to achieve top grade and learning in this course.

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